Beer Tasting In Tallinn

Beer Tasting In Tallinn Description:

The best brewery in Old Tallinn invites you to try freshly brewed authentic Estonian beer!

Traveling from one kind of beer to another discovering new tastes and getting to know the traditions of brewing in Estonia you will understand why beer still is the favorite Estonian drink.

Tasting takes place in a local Tallinn brewery and is guided by a local beer master.

The beer tasting includes seven 250 cl glasses of dark and light beer made by Estonian brewing masters. You are offered to rate each of the beers and declare the winner. Tallinn’s beer specialist will answer your questions, tell you beer stories, and show you a short beer movie.

Beer snacks will also be offered to help wash down each brew in style.

Beers you would be offered: Pilsner 250 cl, Marzen 250 cl, Dunkles 250 cl, Helles Light 250 cl, Medovar 250 cl, Vana Viini 250 cl, BH Premium 250 cl.

Activity Level:

Minimum - Total walking distance is about 200 meters

 Beer Tasting In Tallinn | Discover Estonia

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Tour Duration: 1 hour

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Guide services for 1 hour
  • Beer snacks

  Prices Per Person

Beer tasting In Tallinn

Price Per Person in EUR 35