Bastion Tunnels

Komandandi tee 2, 10130 Tallinn

The Bastion Tunnels in Tallinn are the mysterious underground passages which are normally mentioned only in fairytales or history books but if you visit Tallinn, you can see them with your own eyes. Tallinn is a medieval city so people who are curious about everything medieval will be really pleased to visit it.

The exact length of the tunnels underneath the Old Town is unknown. They are believed to be built in the 1670’s. At that time Estonia was still a part of the Swedish empire. Since attack from Russia was a constant worry, Sweden funded and constructed the tunnels under the Swedish Bastion, while Tallinn (Reval at that time) started building the passages under the Ingermanland Bastion. The hidden tunnels were supposed to serve as soldier’s shelter and an ammunition base during an attack, as well as a place to spy on the enemy. However, they were never used for that purpose.

For many years the local people have shared the rumors that Toompea Hill is crowded with tunnels and that they stretch all the way to the Pirita Monastery. In 2003, in late February workers discovered a system of tunnels which date back from the end of 17th century. Today 380 of the tunnels are open to visitors.

You should definitely sign up for a tour of the tunnels at the Kiek in de Kök tower and get a really interesting experience. Once you have visited the medieval underground passages you will not forget about this experience for the rest of your life. The tour offers you new knowledge, great entertainment and an incredible experience. You can even explore the tunnels inside a small rail cart. By visiting the Bastion tunnels 10 meters below the ground you will experience the medieval era and will get the first-hand knowledge of how people imagined the future would turn out the past.

Where is the location?

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