Preparations for Christmas in Estonia start at the very beginning of December. Slowly, the windows of all houses are being beautified; people start decorating their Christmas trees; kids are waiting in anticipation when Christmas gnomes, who leave sweets in the socks of only the most well-behaved children, are going to pay them a visit.

Christmas in Estonia is celebrated on the night of 24 December. By that time the house is already fully prepared, cleaned, and beautified.

In the past, houses were decorated with straw handiworks and even today this tradition it still kept up in many families.

On the festive table you can always see a lot of delicious traditional food like black pudding, pumpkin salad, roasted pork with cranberry sauce, sauerkraut, home-made bread, and apple pie.

Santa Claus comes to pay a visit exactly on Christmas night.

This is a quiet and peaceful family celebration, which is celebrated only with the closest family members.

Happy Holidays from Discover Estonia−  Häid Jõule!

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