Group Tours in Tallinn

Estonia is a wonderful and unique country. The Baltic Sea, majestic Tallinn, waterfalls, mighty castles, and untouched nature.

Arranging your journey in Estonia is possible in different ways. Our group tours in Tallinn offer reasonable prices and a tour with other travelers who share your interests. Group tours offer an opportunity to make new friends.

Contacting us you can join a group tour in Tallinn, or go on a trip to the most prominent places in Estonia.

Group tours are a great way to save money on your visit to Tallinn and Estonia.

How do we achieve this for our guests:

You can join a group of travelers for a group price.

You can create your own group and get a big discount or even a free tour if you are the group organizer. How to become a group organizer? You need to invite a certain number of travelers on a Baltic cruise or on a Baltic cruise forum on the Internet. Contact us and we will arrange all the details.

The price for such a tour will be certainly less than offered on your cruise ship. And as a small private company we strive to offer only the highest quality group tours. You can be sure that you will have one of best licensed guides in Tallinn and not a summer-time working student.

Booking with Discover Estonia you get:

  • The Best Price
  • The Best Guide
  • The Best of Estonia

Please contact us with any questions

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