Town of Haapsalu Tour

Town of Haapsalu Tour Description:

Our Haapsalu tour takes you to a quiet and mysterious town. This tour is for visitors who wish to see not only the capital, Tallinn, but also the rural countryside of Estonia. On this tour you find out how people how people live in small Estonian towns with a population 10 thousand or less and at the same time discover how rich with history such small town can be.

We offer you a day trip to the town of Haapsalu. This is a health resort area of north-western Estonia, which in Middle Ages used to be the residence of a mighty bishop having all western Estonia under his power.

On the tour you will see the bishops’ castle which includes a museum and entertaining program. There is an alchemist lab where you can try to uncover the secret of the philosopher’s stone. You can go to the bishops’ church, go up to the witch’s tower, and of course get to know the story of the phantom of the White Lady who patrons people in love.

The town of Haapsalu was visited by Russian Tsar’s, Peter the Great and Nicholas I, and special for Tsar’s train, the longest wooden railway station in the Russian Empire was built. There is a railway museum situated at the railway station which we will visit.

Nowadays, the town of Haapsalu is a quiet, with wooden houses and citizens who are never in rush.

We’ll start our trip from Tallinn and drive for 100 km to north-western Estonia, on the way, we’ll see the rural life of Estonia, pass one more small Estonian town called Keila with an impressive church. You will also see a beautiful manor house Vasalemma and explore the picturesque ruins of Padise cloister.

In Haapsalu you will visit the bishop’s castle, see the town’s historical center, and have a walk along the seaside. You will have dinner in the restaurant with a beautiful sea view, rest on the bench where the famous composer Tchaikovsky use to sit for inspiration. And then we will head back to Tallinn.

Activity Level:

Moderate - Activities in the castle, short walks.

Tour Duration: 7 hours

  Haapsalu Tour | Discover Estonia

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 Included Attractions

  • Keila Joa waterfall
  • Rannmoisa cliff
  • Padise monastery
  • Haappsalu town and castle(visit)
  • Wooden Emperors railway station
  • Keila town

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Transportation for 7 hours
  • Guide services for 7 hours
  • Haapsalu castle visit

  Prices are Per Group NOT Per Person

Town of Haapsalu Tour

Number of people in your group 1-3 4-6 7-14 15+
Price Per Group in EUR 210 320 490 Upon Request