Medieval Costume Photo Session In Tallinn

Medieval Costume Photo Session In Tallinn Description:

A visit to Tallinn is not just Old town, Tallinn’s churches, and towers of the fortification wall.

There are many ways of traveling into the past. Take a ride on the time machine and feel yourself a lady of the court, knight of the Temple, Hanseatic merchant, or even the whole medieval merchant’s family.


You can put on a medieval dress and feel the weight of 12 square meters (40ft) of velvet, with the enormous hennin and thin transparent organza, become the beloved of a knight in shining armor.


You can try on the chain mail and surcoat of the knight of the Temple, or become a real Hanseatic merchant visiting Tallinn with important business.

This is possible if you use the services of a professional photographer and costumer in one of Tallinn’s old towers. You will put on 100% copies of medieval costumes, exactly as the ones worn by Tallinn’ citizens back in middle ages.

In approximately 30 minutes the photographer will shoot a series of 30-40 photos. Together with a photo master you will choose best 3 photos, they will be printed right away on A4 photo paper and given to you in an album. The rest of the non-processed pictures will be recorded to CD and can be taken with you as a souvenir.

If you think that you are not photogenic – you should definitely try it! A professional photographer will recommend you how to sit, watch, and what to do to look just great!

Activity Level:


 Medieval Costume Photo Session In Tallinn

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Tour Duration: 30 minutes

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Costumes
  • Photo studio
  • Series of 30-40 shots
  • 3 photos printed on A4 format photo paper
  • CD with all photos non-proccesed

  Prices Per Person

Medieval Costume Photo Session In Tallinn

Number of people in your group 1-4
Price in EUR 50