Night Clubs in Tallinn

Night life in Tallinn features many hot spots where you can listen to club or live music, have fun and dance. Most of the popular clubs are located in the city center.

Fans can enjoy club music in Venus Club, which is situated next to Viru hotel, right on the border of Old Town at the address Vana Viru st 14.

In the very center of Old Town is Hollywood Club, a very popular place among Estonian youngsters.

Also in Old Town there are two exclusive clubs – Va Bank and Prive’, one opposite to another right on Freedom Square.

In the historical city center there is a place where you can listen live music every day – Club Clazz.

One more fancy place in Old Town is Club Chicago. It features a very pleasant interior and live music on weekends. This is a where you don’t see so many teenagers. And a miracle! On the first floor it is allowed to smoke, which no doubt, will fill with joy fans of “oxygen sticks” and will upset those who are not fans of tobacco. But still, the ground floor is non-smoking and you will not even smell tobacco. This place is about 50 meters from Venus Club mentioned above.

Pub Nimeta is extremely popular among locals and guests of Tallinn. It is located 50 meters from Clazz or Hollywood Clubs.

As you can see the night clubs in Tallinn are very close to one another and heading for a walk on the weekend you can easily visit all the places listed above. Of course these are not all of Tallinn’s night clubs and you’ll find many more cruising around the city. You can find links to some of the clubs web sites on our page.

And one of our favourite clubs, of course, is Paparazzi! And we'll talk about him in a little more detail.
Paparazzi is a youth nightclub that has been open since 2015 and is located on the most lively street of Tallinn's Old Town - Viru Street. Since September 2022, it has been under the management of the team led by the well-known capital promoter Sapronov Kutsub. The club, with a capacity of 800 people, is famous for its incredibly heartfelt atmosphere and sets the mood for easy and carefree dancing for all guests. The club is divided into two floors. Since March 2024, the second floor of the club has been home to a karaoke hall that can accommodate up to 300 people. The ticket price for the club includes both floors. Paparazzi is the only nightlife establishment that combines a night club and a karaoke hall. Paparazzi is one of the most original club projects in the capital. It hosts the best parties where hits from different eras and styles are mixed. The club is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 22:00, as well as on all public holidays.
More photos and information about the club's programmes can be found by following the link to their home page. Welcome to the Paparazzi!

Popular night clubs in Tallinn:

Paparazzi Venus   Hollywood   Prive   Chicago   Nimeta 

Tallinn’s night clubs are waiting for you!

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