Patarei Prison Tour

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Patarei Prison Tour Description:

This is a special attraction that has been compared to Alcatraz – Patarei (Battery) Sea-Fortress and Prison.

Patarei Prison and Fortress was constructed in the 19th century as artillery fortress to protect the port of Tallinn. After nearly a hundred years on duty it’s never been in action. And after declaration of Estonian independence in 1918, it was rebuilt as the Central State Prison. The story of the prison is a long one and lasted until 2004, when it was finally closed, due to the fact that it’s too cruel to keep suspects and convicts in such a conditions.

Patarei Prison was closed and left “as it is.” The uniqueness of the prison is that it is not a museum in the usual sense, but instead a real prison, just without prisoners and guards. Cells, bars, walking yards, prison hospital etc. and of course interesting stories prisoners people being held here. Most people were held in the prison for a reason, however some of them were innocent.

Patarei prison was also active during Soviet times and it is possible to feel the atmosphere, and pay respect to the memory to those who perished within its walls.

During the Patarei prison tour you will see the prison hospital, cells of regular inmates, solitary confinement, walking yards, and much more.

Compared to Patarei prison Alcatraz will seem like a health resort.

Activity Level:

Medium - 1.5  hours on foot inside Patarei prison

Tour duration: 2 hours

Patarei Prison Tour | Discover Estonia

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Meeting Point

Hotel, Sea Port, Airport, or Railway Station

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Entrance fee
  • Guide services

Not included:

  • Transfer to the prison (10 min walk from Old Town Tallinn)

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Patarei Prison Tour

Minimum group size 4 people 20 EUR per person