Shooting Range In Tallinn

Shooting Range in Tallinn Description:

Shoot real guns in Tallinn. You are going to Tallinn and have a mass of free time. Learn how to be a marksman!

The capital of Estonia offers a unique opportunity, absolutely legal without any special permits, to shoot real hand guns, police and army automatic rifles. NO softball or rubber bullets, it is real.

Feel a powerful Magnum 357 kicking back in your hand, Colt 45 ACP, Sig Sauer – president’s guard weapon, legendary Beretta FS92 and other masterpieces of western designers. And of course, we do have Soviet Army and militia pistols Makarov and TT. Automatic rifles Beretta and the legendary AK 47.

Learn to hit the target

Going to the shooting range is a serious business so on the day before shooting you should exclude alcohol. Guests in the age 14-18 years are allowed to shoot sport caliber guns 5.6 mm to 22 caliber.

The task of the shooting lesson is to learn to hit the target, to feel the joy of a perfect shot, at the moment when you pull the trigger, it means that you don’t see the result yet but you do know it is good. The shooting lesson is given by an experienced instructor who will explain to you how to do all the stages of the shot in the best way. You will start seeing the difference between the guns.

The Shooting package consists of 60 shots and allows you to choose 2-3 different 9mm caliber pistols, plus a Colt 45 or Magnum revolver or one automatic rifle.

Make a competition  

If you are a group of friends, after getting some shooting experience, you can use the last bullets to find out who is the Best Shooter!

Shooting Range In Tallinn | Discover Estonia

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Activity Level:


Tour Duration: 2 hours

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Return transfer
  • Shooting range
  • Up to 4 firearms per person  
  • Protective gear
  • Instructor services

  Price Per Person

Shooting range In Tallinn

Number of people in your group 1-18
Price Per person in EUR 95