Tallinn Accommodation

Our Guide to Tallinn Accommodation

There are a variety of choices for accommodation in Tallinn including hotels, hostels, and apartments. Each depends on your comfort level and budget. We are happy to advise you on the best choice of accommodation for your stay in the capital of Estonia. Simply contact us to get started.

Hotels in Tallinn

We can help you receive the best hotel prices in Tallinn with a choice of staying in Old Town, right in the heart of the city, or outside the city near the sea or in the forest. The choices are vast and we are here to assist you in making the best choice.

Hotels in Tallinn will meet the most delicate of demands and the choice includes modern structures built specifically as hotels or medieval houses filled with the atmosphere of Old Town and perfectly re-designed for maximum comfort of guests.

Spa hotels are also at your service and located both in the center of Tallinn and also outside the city. Spa hotels are a perfect opportunity to have a rest for you body and soul, while enjoying the many attractions in and around Tallinn.

Apartments in Tallinn

If you are interested to rent an apartment in the center of Tallinn please contact us and we can assist you to find the right size apartment to fit your budget. Apartments are a convenient option that is perfect for small groups or families.

Hostels in Tallinn

Guesthouses and hostels in Tallinn  are a good choice if you are just looking for and inexpensive housing option with good quality.

This is the only conveniently located hostel in Tallinn of its kind in the city and includes a great view on Town Hall Square. In different seasons of the year there are events and festivals on the square and during Christmas and New Year the Christmas tree is put in the square, which you can see from the window of your room. Festivals last no longer than 10:00 pm, so they will not hinder your good night’s rest.

Town Hall Square is located in the very center of Old Town. After a walk in the city you will not have to use public transport to get “home.” If you bought some of traditional Estonian souvenirs such as wool, linen, or other gifts, you don’t have to carry bags around with you. Simply drop it in the hostel.

All the main attractions in Tallinn are a 5 minute walk from your hostel.

The hostel also includes safe deposit boxes for your valuables.

Contact Us and we can help you book your choice of accommodation in Tallinn. Welcome to Estonia!

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