Tallinn City & Estonian Countryside Side Tour

 Tallinn City & Estonian Countryside Tour Description:

You are coming to Tallinn with a cruise ship and want to get as much of this short visit as possible.

This is what our city and countryside tour is tailored for. In 5 hours  you will see all the main highlights of Tallinn - the capital of Estonia.

We will be covering the medieval old town, with it’s picturesque crooked streets, oldest Pharmacy in Europe and oldest Town Hall in Europe.

On the driving part of the shore excursion of Tallinn’s highlights, riding a private vehicle, we will see the most beautiful park in Tallinn - Kadriorg, also known as Catherine’s park. Founded by Peter the Great, the park grounds and palace were the residency of Russian tsars and tsarinas for 200 years.

After seeing the main sights in the city, we will drive out of Tallinn to go to the highest coastal cliff in Tallinn’s suburbs. You will get a look at the Baltic sea from a 100 foot high coast, see the Keila-Joa waterfall and the Manor House/Castle of Count Von Benkendorf.  In the 1820’s he founded the first Russian Secret Service.

We’ll drive through the meadows and forests and have a glance of a typical small Estonian town - Keila and head  back to the city.

Depending on your ship departure time, we can finish the tour in the port or in the old town.


On the way back it is possible to have lunch at a trout farm located in the former watermill. Here you can catch trout yourself and have it cooked for you along with other Estonian dishes.

Activity Level:

Minimum - Short walks at each attraction

Tour Duration: 5 hours

Tallinn City & Estonian Countryside Side Tour - Discover Estonia

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 Included Attractions: 

  • Old town of Tallinn
  • Alexander Nevskii Church
  • Dome Church
  • Town Hall
  • Kadriorg Park
  • Song and dance festival grounds
  • Rannamoisa cliff
  • Keila Joa Waterfall
  • Benkendorf’s Manor House (from the outside)
  • Keila town

Price Per Person Includes:

  • Transportation for 3 hours
  • Guide services for 5 hours

  Prices Prices per group, NOT per person

Tallinn City & Estonian Countryside  Tour

Number of people in your group 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15+
Price per group in EUR 240 300 360 400 460 510 560 600 640 660 680 700 Upon Request