Tallinn Guides

Choosing the Right Guide for Your Tour

Your impression of Estonia, Tallinn, or the attractions you see largely depends on your guide. But the choice of a tour guide is often a lottery, even if you can find reviews on the Internet. Positive reviews can be received out of politeness, negative reviews caused by the bad mood of a particular traveler. So, where are the guarantees that you will have an experienced guide with a passion for their country and city?

Meet our Experienced Tallinn Guides

We consider a professional guide to be not only an encyclopedia or a guidebook. He or she is an addition to the tour, the emotional center that takes you on an adventure to discover more about Estonia and our capital of Tallinn. A tour guide is much more than just a load of historical and statistic data. Each of our tour guides was selected for their ability to help you really “Discover Estonia!”

Our guides speak great English language, employ an affable sense of humor, and can tell you the stories, legends, and anecdotes from any historical period. This is especially important for Tallinn as the city is a historical and medieval mecca for tourists and your full enjoyment is based on hearing the tales from a time long past. We deliver an informational experience like none other in Tallinn and all of Estonia.

Our expert guides are able to guess your mood and help you create a tour that accommodates your every wish.

Did you have a good nights rest in the hotel or are you feeling sleepy after a long trip?
Are you on your honeymoon or a trip with family?
Are you interested in global matters or everyday life in Estonia?
Are looking for a romantic walk or quest for hidden places in Tallinn and Estonia where even locals rarely venture?
Does your group or family have members with special needs?

Our guides will fully accommodate your requirements. We understand the need for flexibility and the ability to solve issues as the appear. Our guides are here to answer all your questions and immediately find the information you need during your tour. Our team of licensed guides make sure getting to know Tallinn will be a fun and educational adventure.

Our Guarantee

Guidebooks lack feelings, they will not talk to you. All our guides sincerely love their country and are proud to showcase both Estonia and Tallinn for you. When you depart we guarantee you will take a part of this love home with you as a cherished memory of your experience.