Viking Village

Saula kula, Kose vald, Saula, EE 75117

We offer access to a real Viking Village in Estonia for you to explore. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real Viking? You have? Now guess what, you can become one for real! Viking Village will give you a sense of what life was then and will help you to discover the Viking within.

This extraordinary site is located on the bank of the Pirita River just 30 kilometres from Tallinn. The village successfully combines the culture of the 8th-12th centuries and today’s comforts. A fantastic place that gives you a chance to have a break from today’s fast life is perfect for people of all ages!

Here you can find anything a true Viking needs: a tavern where the warriors can have a delicious and healthy meal, an ancient fortification, which is protected with a catapult; private saunas and accommodation. Not only you can enjoy the folk themes in the interior design and menu, but also you can learn ancient songs, games, dances, traditions, and enjoy the glories and charm of the village’s natural settings.

The village is a perfect place to organize parties or to just spend some time with your friends and family. The village’s inhabitants lead a normal and peaceful life here: they catch and smoke the fish; they breed the ducks and rabbits; they welcome visitors; and sometimes they host some special tournaments and celebrations. The local Viking will become your guide: he will show you around the village and will tell you all about life during the Viking age.

He will probably also entertain you with some legends and history during all of this. In the end, you will have a chance to test your skills in axe throwing, compete in archery and ancient catapult throwing, learn how to use a weapon and how to sail. You will get so captivated with all of this that when you will come back to your senses, you will already be offering up gifts for the wood-spirits and will be making up fortress plans.

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Where is the location?

If you want to see the property yourself, please use our map
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